Administration Site Help Documentation Admin Locks Module to prevent Coach Administrators from editing specific users account details"Admin Locks" Module: Administrators can set a Role to be locked to prevent a Coach Administrator from editing any of the users' account details in that Role

"Admin Locks" Module: Administrators can set a Role to be locked to prevent a Coach Administrator from editing any of the users' account details in that Role

A Coach Admin can change and update any of the account information for any of the users in the groups that have been given access to on the Administration Site. This means they can change passwords and/or details of coaches and players that they manage. However, some users in the Groups they administer may have access to sensitive or confidential medical information and their account information needs to be locked to a Coach Administrator. To ensure data protection for users accounts who can access sensitive information, a Site Administrator can set Role/s to be locked and no users in this role can have their account edited by a Coach Admin.

To set up a Role so that users' accounts in that Role cannot be altered by a Coach Admin, Click on the "Admin Locks" button

Administrators can set up users in a Role/s not to have their account details editable by Coach Administrators.

The Admin Locks Module is only available on Site Administrators Accounts.

Create a New Admin Lock

Open the Module and Click on the Create new Admin Lock

Name the Admin Lock, add in a Description and click on "Save"

Now Add in the Roles. Remember, ALL users in this Role cannot have their account details edited by a Coach Admin

Type in the text search box for the Role you want to add to the Locked Role

Click on "Add Role" and the role will be added to this Admin Lock Folder

You can add in Multiple Roles at once using the "Add Multiple Roles"

Click on Add Multiple to add in multiple roles at once. Remember, a Team Admin cannot edit any of the account details, so make sure you apply the correct roles for locking.

Make sure none of the Roles that are set to Admin Locked have any Coach Administrators assigned to them

You do not want a Coach Admin to be an Administrator of a Role that is locked, or they could remove a user from this Role and then their account details could be editable.

To double check this, open any of the roles that have been Locked and check the "Administer" section is blank

No Coach Admins should be set for Locked Roles. Double check this to ensure optimal data protection practices.

If a User is in a Role that is set to Admin Locked, then a Coach Admin cannot edit their account details

When a Coach Admin Logs in to the Administration Site, they can see the users in the Groups they Administer

The Medical user is in a role that is Locked. The Coach Admin can see the user in the Groups they Administer. The Coach Admin can view this users account details, but they cannot EDIT this users account information (as shown in the image in the step below).

If the Coach Admin can view this user's account details, but they are locked and cannot be edited

The Save button is disabled, so no changes can be made to usernames, passwords etc for this user.

They can only edit this users Roles and Groups

A Coach Admin can only add or remove this user to or from the Roles and/or Groups that they have Administrator rights for.


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