Coach Admin: How to move people between groups

To change or add a user to a Group click on the Groups Button

Once the List of Groups that you have access to loads, click on the Group that you want to add users to

All Athletes and Coaches that are currently in that Group will appear

All Athletes and Coaches appear that are in the current group.

Add in a user using the "Add People" button, the "Copy from Group", or the Add Multiple People"

#1: Type in the name of the users into the text box and when their name appears click on "Add athlete"

#2: Click on "Copy From Group" and choose the group that you want to copy the users from

#3: Click on "Add Multiple People" and place a tick beside the users you want to add

N.B. When you do a search or click on Add Multiple (as shown here) ONLY users that you create, or users that are in your existing group/s, can be added into this group

Even though there are 70 people in this system, this Coach Admin can ONLY access and add in the users that they have been given access to as a Coach Admin. None of the other users will appear.

Remember, that if you add in users into the Coach of a Group section, when they login they will access ALL of the Athletes in the Athlete List

The Coach of a Group can access all Athletes in that group, but they can only access data that they have been assigned access to via the Roles. Remember that the specific data that each coach accesses depends on the set of Roles each coach has.

If you add in users into the Athlete Group Section, when they login they can only see their own details and no other athletes

An athlete can only access their own data when they login. Remember that the specific data that each athlete accesses also depends on the set of Roles they have.

You can remove an athlete or a Coach from a Group by clicking "Remove"

N.B. This will simply remove this user from the group, it will NOT delete them from the system.

WARNING: Once a user is removed from this group you may not be able to add them back into another group because you no longer have access to this individual. If you want to change users BETWEEN groups that you administer, add them into the correct group BEFORE removing them from existing ones.

N.B. If an Administrator or a different Coach Administrator creates a new person (as shown here), this user will not appear on the Coach Admin's User List

A new user has been added to the system by a normal Site Administrator. The Coach Admin will NOT be able to access this user, or this users details unless they are added to a group that they are an administrator of. In the example here the athlete is not added to any groups, so the Coach Admin cannot see their details.

However, this users can be added to any of the Groups that the Coach Admin administers, and any Roles they administer as well.

When the Coach Admin Logs in and accesses the user lists, this new user does NOT appear in their list and is not available to add to any of their groups

The user does not appear on the Coach-Admin's list of users. Only the users they are assigned access to, or new ones they add appear in their user list

N.B. If an Administrator adds in a new or existing user into a Group administered by a Coach Admin, this user appears in the Coach Admin User list and Group/s


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