Administration Site Help Documentation The Categories Module enables access to Resources and Resource-Attachments Important Information you need to know about the new Attachment-Resources Security Measures

Important Information you need to know about the new Attachment-Resources Security Measures

The My Resources Module has undergone significant development so that it can be used as a central storage point for documents, files, video etc. All resources are now uploaded into a specific Category and access to these is set based on the Category that is assigned to a user as part of their Role/s.

In line with the updates to the My Resources Module, any Event Form Attachments (Attachments to the document, NOT File Uploads within the document) have also undergone significant development. Event Forms can now have attachments enabled for them that act as Attachments AND as Resources. This means an Attachment can be added to an Event Form, and the Attachment is also added into a specific Category (the same categories that are available in the My Resources section). ONLY the users with access to that Event Form, Athlete, and ALSO the Category that the attachment is stored in AS WELL AS the Resources Module, will be able to access the Attachment Resource that was uploaded into that Event Form; both from the Event Form and in the my Resources Module.

Once your System Builder and/or your Distributors set your system to enable Attachments to be treated as Resources, each Individual Event Form can then be set up to have Attachments as Resources. N.B. This is not an automatic update, you need to have your system reset in order to be able to access this functionality.

Attachments as Resources are then enabled on an Event Form by Event Form basis by the system Builder in the Builder Site. You will need to liaise with them about which Event Form/s need to be set up. It is ALSO your job as an Administrator to ensure the correct categories are set up for your Attachment-Resources, and that users who have access to all of the existing Attachments (which will be Categorised automatically into an "Attachment" Category) can still have access these Attachments. All users who need to be able to see these Attachment-Resources also need to be given access to the Resources Module.

Most users will need access to the Attachment Category, AND providing access to other Categories that you have set up will need careful consideration.

Currently, all Attachments uploaded into an Event Form are available via the Sidebar and Athlete History for anyone with access to the Event Form and the Athlete

Previously, there was no way to limit whether an attachment should be accessible to all users who have access to the Event Form and the Athlete. Furthermore, there was no way to search through any attachments using any descriptive information; attachments could only be opened from the Sidebar, or from the Event Form or Athlete History. Now when you upload an Attachment-Resource it MUST be added into a Category which defines access to it on the Event Form and it also becomes searchable via the My Resources Module (this is shown in the image in the step below).

Now all newly attached Attachments can be uploaded and defined using the same properties as a Resource in My Resources Module

For Event Forms that are set up to treat Attachments as Resources, when you upload an Attachment-Resource it MUST be added into a Category which further defines access to it. Additional descriptive information is added to categorise and help search for this attachment on the My Resources Module.

The Date is was uploaded, and the person who entered it, and who is was entered for, will also be available to use as search parameters in the My Resources Module.

Once an Event Form is set by the system Builder to enable Attachments as Resources, all existing Attachments for that Event Form will automatically be recategorised into an "Attachment" Category

All existing attachments on the system that have been added as attachments to an Event Form that is set to treat Attachments to Attachment-Resources, will instantly be categorised into the Attachment Category (as shown in the step below).

All of the existing historical Attachments for an Event form will be automatically categorised into an "Attachment" Category

The example here shows an existing attachments that is now categorised into the "Attachment" Category. All historical attachments for that Event Form across all athletes will noe be stored in the "Attachments" Category.

Additionally, any attachments added into a Category that a user can access are now also available and searchable through the My Resources Module

The example here shows that this user has been given access to the Category "Attachment" (on the Administration Site in the data permissions). This means they can access and search through attachments in that Category that they ALSO have access to the Event Form and the Athlete for.

Once the Attachments as Resources is enabled for an event, NO USER will be able to access ANY existing Attachments for that event UNTIL they have access to the "Attachment" Category in their Role AND the Resources Module

Just the same as all existing Resources will not be accessible until each user is given access to a specific category, no Attachment-Resources will be available until each user is given access to the Category that they are stored in (e.g the Attachment Category). To enable access follow the steps below.

In the Administration site, Administrators will now have access to a special Module called Categories

The new "Attachment" Category will automatically appear in this list

To enable users to continue to access all previously uploaded Attachment-Resources now stored in the "Attachment" Category, this has to be enabled on a Role by Role basis on the Administration Site

Go to the Roles

Open the Role that you want to add in the Category into

In the Data Permissions, assign access to the specific category that you require

The example here shows that the Physiotherapy Role is being updated so that users in this Role can access all of the previously uploaded Attachment-Resources, for any Event Form and Athlete that they have access to.

This Role is ALSO given access to the Categories called All Medical, and the Default category. This means they will be able to access and attach documents into these Categories for any Event Form and Athlete that they have access to.

Once a Role has category permissions added to it, the Users in that Role can then access all Attachment-Resources again in the Attachment Category (for the Athletes and Events they have access to)

The example here shows that the Medication Attachments are now all available here to access. Moreover, you can search by athlete to see which resources / attachment-resources were uploaded on an athlete by athlete basis.

The Attachment-Resources are ALSO still available on the Sidebar and the Athlete History Pages (ONLY if you have access to the Category)

However, if an Attachment-Resource is uploaded by a user into a Category that is only accessible to a couple of user, no other users will be able to access that Attachment-Resource

The example here shows that a Doctor's ONLY Category was set up by the system Administrator, and this Doctor has been given access to it. This means only users with access to the Doctors ONLY category will be able to access this, and any other file added to this category. The Doctor here attached the file to this form and stored it in the Doctors ONLY category. So any users without access to this category will NOT see or be able to access this Attachment-Resource.

N.B.The categories that each user can see will vary depending on the category permissions, and the unique categories that you as an administrator set up up uniquely for your organisation (to find out more about setting up a category, see the section on Categories).

Once attached, the Attachment-Resources appear in the same places as before (In the Athlete History and in the Sidebar)

The example here shows that the Doctor uploaded the attachment and then save it. It is available in the Sidebar, and on the Athlete History (as per the status quo for attachments).

However, if another user (e.g. a Physio) has not been given access to that category (e.g. the Doctor ONLY category), the Physio cannot access the attachment-resource that the Doctor stored in the Doctor only category

Even though the Physio has access to the Event Form AND the athlete, no attachment appears in the Event Form, or on the Sidebar for the attachment that was recently stored in the Doctor ONLY Category. This attachment-resource will also NOT appear in the My Resources section for this Physiotherapy user.

This is an excellent example of how attachments can be kept confidential. However it also highlights important training information; your users will need to know where they should and shouldn't store attachments in order to keep them confidential, BUT accessible

As an administrator,you need to ensure you create and then educate your users on which categories should be used depending on the type of document/s they are uploading. Remember that a user cannot access an attachment-resource unless they have access to the Category, the Athlete, the Event AND the Resources Module. This safeguards against a user being given access to category, but attachment-resources stored for athletes or event forms that they cannot access still remain inaccessible.

The example in the image here shows that Doctor could have used the "All Medical Users" category to store the attachment. This category had also been made available to Physio's and other Medical Staff via the Roles and the attachment-resource will be available to them.


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