How to set up a new Category

Click on the Categories Module

Click on "Create new Category" on the right of the page

Name the Category

This is the name that will appear in the drop down list, and as a Category in the Data Permissions that you will be able to assign access to.

You MUST select "Resources" for the Type.  The Excel Reports and Yearly Plans Categories are not functional yet

The Excel Reports and Yearly Plans Categories are not functional yet. These will become available to restrict access to these information in these modules in the future

Add in Sub Categories. These do not set permissions. But, they do enable more flexibility for storage, access and retrieval

The Click "Save"

When you have added in the appropriate information click on "Save"

The New Category will appear in the Categories List

This Category can then be applied to any Roles who require it (e.g. a Medical Role)

See the lesson on Adding Category permissions to find out more about this.

As an Administrator, you can automatically add in new Resources into this category on the main site

An example of the administrator uploading a new Resource into the Category.

Any user with access to this Category will be able to view the appropriate Resources


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