Administration Site Help Documentation The Categories Module enables access to Resources and Resource-AttachmentsUsers who have access to "Manage Resources" System Pemission can upload, edit, delete, and assign a Resource to specific User/s

Users who have access to "Manage Resources" System Pemission can upload, edit, delete, and assign a Resource to specific User/s

Permission to access the Manage Resources Module on the My Resource Module on the main system is enabled via Role Permissions on the Administration Site. The Permission is called "Resources - Upload"

You should already be aware that users who have access to the manage Resources System Permission can upload, edit or delete any Resource

On the main system, user with access to this module can create new Resources, as well as upload, edit or delete existing Resources. This will now be restricted so that these users will ONLY be able to manage Resources within Categories they have access as part of their Role/s.

Now, each User with Manage Resource access will only be able to Manage the Resource for the Categories that have been assigned as part of their Role/s

For example, on the system, this user only has access to manage the Resources for Categories that have been assigned

N.B. Site Administrators don't automatically have access to manage Resources, but if they are given it, they will then have access to all Categories on the system, regardless of their assigned Role/s' Categories

Once they are assigned "Manage Resources", Site Administrators have access to all Categories, regardless of what Categories are assigned to the Role/s.

N.B. Coach-Administrators can be given access to Manage Resources, but they can only access Resources within categories that have been assigned to them

Users with Manage Resource access can ALSO now assign a Resource to an Athlete or User on the system. This is used for searching enhancements, and to set the Resource to appear in the Attachments Section in their Sidebar

From the Manage Resources Module, click on the name of the Resource, or the Edit button.

When the Resource opens, a new section appears below the Resource Details. This is where the Resource can be assigned to a User/s

For example, you may have a new nutrition guideline that you want to be assigned to some specific athletes. When a users' name is added this Resource, the Resource appears in their Sidebar for that User, and it also appears on the Resources Page under the User's name.

N.B. If the section to add additional users does not appear, then you will have opened a Attachment-Resources. These cannot be re-assigned to additional athletes as it is against data protection act requirements.

The example shows Users being assigned to this Resource.

For these Users, the Nutrition Resource will appear in the Sidebar for them to access, and they can use their name as a search parameter to locate this Resource on the My Resources Module. Additionally, other users can also use the athlete's name as a search parameter.

N.B. Once you add in the User/s, you do NOT need to click "Save". Just click on the trail bar link to return to the Resources Module

N.B. If the section to assign Users to the Resource does not appear, you have opened an Attachment-Resources.For data protection purposes Attachments uploaded as an Attachment-Resource cannot be reassigned to other users

The example shows that an Attachment-Resource has been opened. These are Event Form Attachments that are set up so that they are treated as a Resource and as an Attachment. They cannot be reassign to additional athletes.

On the My Resources Page, now when you filter by the User's name that was assigned to the Resource, the Nutrition Resource appears

Once the Resource is assigned to specific users, you can use their name to search through the Resources Module with if you have access to the Category. The example here shows Athlete 4 being selected.

N.B. The Resource can still be accessed via the original Category (e.g. Athlete)

You can use the "Athlete" Category as well to locate the Resource.

For each User/s whom the Resource is assigned to, as long as they have access to the correct Category (e.g. Athlete) AND the My Resources Module, the Resource that is assigned to them will appear in their Sidebar

N.B. If the user does NOT have access to the Resource Category (e.g. Athlete) and also to the My Resources Module, the Resource will NOT appear in the sidebar

The user can click on the Resource from the Sidebar to download it

If the user has access to the "Manage Resource", then the Edit and Delete buttons will also appear alongside the Download button

If the user has access to the "Manage Resources" module as well, they can also edit, delete or download this Resource from the Sidebar, just as they could if they were on the My Resources Manage Resources Module.

Alternatively, the User can Search for and then Download the Resource using their name as a search from the My Resources Module

If you have any questions about how the changes affect the Manage Resources Permissions, then please ask your Distributor


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