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Archiving all athletes in one Group or all athletes across Multiple Groups

You can choose to archive athletes from one group or multiple groups into an "Archive" group.

Set up your archive grouping structure by creating a new archive group, and/or subgroups using the Groups button

The image here shows that Archive 2010 is set as the parent group with 2 subgroups ( Podium and U20 )to be used for different analysis purposes.

To archive the athletes, go to the Archive Athletes Button on the Admin Page

Select the Group that you want to send the athlete to (e.g. an Archive Group or Archive Subgroup)

1: Click on the Groups drop down

2: Click on the Name of the archive group you want to send the athletes to

3: Click Select

Choose which groups you want to archive and send to the previously selected group. This will remove all of the athletes from these groups and the athletes will only appear in the Archive group.

Select the Groups you want to Archive and select "Archive". For the example here, this will remove ALL of the athletes from the Exercise 101 group and the Talent group and they will now be part of the U20 Archive.

Ensure that you have selected the correct groups and then click OK.

If you are not 100% sure that you have set up the grouping structure or that you have not selected the correct groups click "Cancel" as archiving feature cannot be undone.

Click "OK" to archive the athletes.

Open up the Archive Group to see the newly added archive athletes. The example here shows the U20 group.

The athletes will be moved to the selected archive groups and the athlete groups that were selected to be Archived will be empty and ready for new users to be added to.

To add new athletes into these groups, you can import them, or add them one at a time or copy them from existing groups.

Updating all athletes grouping structures: Archive all athletes across all groups and then import a new grouping structures

One important feature that you may want to utilise is to archive all of your athletes groups if you are updating all of your athlete grouping structures. Then, when you import all of the new grouping structures, on the mapping page click on "remove existing" for the groups or roles and the imported athletes will be removed from any archive groups and added into the newly imported groups (see the section on importing multiple groups/roles). Select an archive group

Select all of the appropriate groups

Archive all groups (either into one main archive group, or the correct subgroups).

Import the new grouping structures (see importing multiple groups and roles) and click "remove existing" to take them out of the archive group (the group you have just added them to) and import the athletes into new groups/roles

Import multiple grouping structures or new roles and ensure you select "remove existing" to remove the athletes from any groups they are currently in.

Remember that you will not be importing them as new users, but you will receive a message saying that their groups have been updated

If the import was successful, you will have an error message saying the users were not imported as that username already exists, but you will receive a message saying they have been added to the new groups/roles.


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