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How to Create a New Group of athletes/players

To Add in New Group, Click on the Groups Button

Click on "Create New Group" on the right of the page

Name the Group, Add in a Description (that you can use later on to help distinguish the group) and click Save

Now you can Add in the athletes that you want to be included in this group. Add them one at a time, or click on "Add Multiple" (as shown in the image below)

Now click on "Add Athlete" to add them to the group

The person's name will be added to the list of users in this group (as shown in the image in the step below).

You can add multiple athletes at once by clicking on the "Add Multiple People" button

Then select the users you want to add by ensuring a tick is beside their name and unticking those that you do not want in your group

You can use the search box to limit the users that are shown, but if you type in "demo" and tick the athletes and then you type in another selection like academy, then the athletes that are ticked and hidden will not be shown added. Only the athletes that are ticked and are showing in the Add multiple people box will be added to the group.

Now Adding Coaching Staff.. this is the people who will have access to all of the users in this group, and any subgroups that might be added to this group

Add your Coaches, Managers, Doctors etc to this group. Anyone who needs access to this group need to be added as a coach.

Type the name of the person who you want to be added as a coach of this group. This means the person will have access to all of the athletes in this group and any subgroups that you add.

If you have other groups already set up on the system, you can add these into the subgroups section. This means these any coach in this current group will have access to ALL subgroups and the athletes in those groups data.

There is a section where you can add groups to performance alerts that have been set up by users. Unless you are sure you understand which alerts need to apply, then please do NOT use this feature.

Once you have set up the group all of the athletes and coaches and subgroups will be saved. The list will appear on the groups list and when you look at an athlete or a coach you will see they now have this group on their user information (see the two steps below)

The Demo Coach Information shows he is a coach of the All Athletes group

An athlete in the All Athletes group information shows that are now part of that group as an athlete


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