How to set up Favourite Event/s for all users by Role

A favourite event appears at the top of the sidebar and is available for users to enter and review the history for without having to use the folders to access the data

A user can set up their own favourites using their account settings and adding a favourite (as shown here)

The example here shows an athlete has entered the daily monitoring event as a Favourite event.

However, you may need to set up an entire role with a Favourite Event so that it is already set up when the User logins in. A good example of this is Doctors/Physiotherapists needing fast access to injury or illness records

You may need to set up Favourites for an entire Role at once. Click on the Favourite Events link on the Administration Tool

To set up a favourite for a specific type of role, you MUST ensure you know the event name and the role you want to apply it to first.

It cannot be undone if you make a mistake

Also, if a user already has a Favourite event set up on their system, if you apply this Favourite Event to a Role that they are in, it will override any Favourites that they have set up.

The user can change them after you apply the favourites.

Firstly select the Events by clicking the Add button

Once you select Add, the Event drop down box will appear for you to select the Events you want to add. You can add in additional events by clicking the "Add" button again.

The image here shows a Favourite has been added, and that another favourite is about to be added

#1: Select the Event you want to add

#2: You can add in more events if you need, but you should only set up 1 or 2 favourite events to avoid cluttering the sidebar and front page reports.

Once you select the event forms click the "Select Role" button

You need to select the Role that you want to apply these favourites to. The example here shows that the Injury and Illness Events are being set up for the Physician Role

#1: Click on the Role drop down box and select the Role you want to apply the favourite/s to.

Once you are SURE you have selected the correct role, click "Select" and the changes will be applied and you will return to the home page on the Admin Tool

The image here shows a User who is in the Physician Role, and they now have the Injury and Illness records set as their favourites on their home page and in their account (as shown in the image below)

The Favourites on a Physician's Login. These can be removed by the user if they require.

Please note that when you set up one or more Event Forms as Favourites and then apply them to a role, it will apply them to all users in that role. If you add in a new user to that Role after you have applied a Favourite for it, the new user will not have the favourites set up for them


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