Setting up notifications to appear on a Users Home Page when they login

An administrator can now can set up Notifications and Messages for an individual User, a Group of users or for a Specific Role. To see how to create this Notification follow the steps below

An Administrator can now set up messages to notify users about system changes through to encouragement for upcoming competitions.

On the Admin Home Page click on "System messages"

Click on Create New Message

Type in the Message Title and the Body of the Message. Click Save

The Title will appear in bold at the top of the home page, and the Body text will appear automatically if you tick"Auto open". If you did not tick auto open then the user will need to click on the message title to see the body of the text (see the image in the last section of this lesson for an example).

Now select the Users who you want to see the message/notification. Select via Individual, a Group or multiple Groups, or a Role or Multiple Roles.

You can add in individuals, Roles, or Groups by typing in the "start typing to search" box and then click on the "Add Person", "Add Role", or "Add group" respectively. Alternatively, you can add multiple Users, Groups or Roles using the "Add Multiple" buttons.

The example here shows that we are going to set up the message to all Athletes and Coaches who are going to the world champs

It will appear for the users IN the group AND the users who are a Coach of a group. It will also appear for anyone in the Role of Medical Staff

An example of the Message as it Appears on the Home Page for the coach of the World Champs athletes

The New Message will appear in the Messages List on the Admin Tool for you to Edit as you require (see the step below), or delete when you no longer need it

To Edit the Message, click on the edit button (shown in the step above) and then click Save

The Edited Message will be shown on the Home Page of the specific Users

The User cannot delete the message from their screen. You MUST remove users from the message (e.g. remove the user, the group or the role), delete it from the system or update it as required.

The image here shows the administrator deleting the message from the system and then it will be removed from the messages list and also from all of the users home page.

If you delete the Message on the Admin Site, or remove the users it is applied to, the Message will be removed from the Users Home Page

Different messages/notifications can include information about team training, new event forms, or even upcoming requirements... use it as you need. Just remember to take the users off a message, or delete the message when you no longer need it

You can set up messages and notification as you require. You may want to set up a welcome notification for new users on the system, through to sending out congratulatory messages for groups or staff. The possibilities are endless.


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