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Sending out the new users login information

Once you have added a new user to the system you need to send out a welcome e-mail that includes information about their login details and important security information

You CANNOT send out login notifications from the administration Tool because the passwords are securely encrypted that they are not stored as password on the system

If you have just entered a new user, add in the correct username and password information into an e-mail to them.

If you have imported a large group of athletes you will need to complete a mail merge combining the username details with your own welcome and security information (an example is shown below).

Write out your Welcome and Login information detailing why the site was created, the address, their login details, privacy and data protection act requirements, and who to contact if they need assistance

Dear User,

Welcome to the first version of the on-line and off-line Performance Monitoring Software.

The programme has been created by ___________to enable you to track important aspect of your athletes' ______________ information. The software has been designed in conjunction with ________ to enable you to safely store, track and monitor your athlete's _______ information. The forms have been developed to accommodate the information that you track, and some of the forms may need to be updated to better reflect your data capture and reporting processes. You will need to liaise with ___________ if you have any queries about the actual data that is captured.

1.Your Account

A new account has been created for you on the on-line SMARTABASE system. You can login on-line using a Chrome (preferred option), Firefox or an Internet Explorer Internet Browser from anywhere with internet access. Access is only available over an encrypted connection so you must type in “https://” to access the system. This provides a secure link that has the same level of data security as a bank. An installed version is also available for you to use.

2. Login Information:

Access your system using:

Your Login: alice.samson

Your Password: ashyi2876

Kindly note that the application name (, your username and your password are all case sensitive (e.g. lowercase).

Please save this email for future reference because it contains important login instructions. If you encounter any difficulties while logging in, please contact us at

3. Important Security Information:

The information that you store on the system is valuable. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe and secure. If you think that your password has been breached immediately e-mail Smartabase

You will be able enter and access information for a test group of players to become familiar with the system, and the groups of players that you are responsible for recording data for.

Each time you login on-line, you MUST logout at the end of each session. The installed version simply needs to be closed.

4. Privacy

Your information will be stored on the ____servers in the _____ and will only be shared with other staff who have access to your athletes' data. The data will only be used in conjunction with the Terms of Service and will not be shared with anyone else. Profiler is registered with the UK Data protection act and your use of the software needs to comply with this act.

5. What Next?

- Login to the system and enter in data using the Enter Data button for the test athlete group that you have access to ____________will initially liaise with you to discuss your feedback about the system and take you through it if required. If additional changes are required to forms or fields then these will be made through______

- Help Documentation is available on the link at the top right of the site.

- Access the Help button- on the left of the website you will always have access to a “help” button where you can enter in any questions directly.

-If you notice that you are accessing the wrong groups of athletes, please e-mail immediately.

Best wishes, the ____________ and the Smartabase/Profiler Team.



You must send out login information to the user.


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