Importing Multiple Athletes and Professionals into the system

The system is designed so that you can import multiple new athletes and professionals at once. This significantly reduces the time it takes to add users into the system and to assign them to a Role/s and a Group/s. However, when you import your new users you MUST ensure that your .csv spreadsheet includes:

1. All of the Required Fields.

2. That if you choose to import those users into existing Groups and Roles you MUST spell the group and role names precisely as they are in the system with the correct case (e.g. Athlete vs athletes).

On the People page, click on "Import"

You can upload your spreadsheet directly if it is formatted with the correct columns, or use the list to create and format a new spreadsheet

Set up your spreadsheet so that it includes the required fields. See the step below for how your spreadsheet should be formatted.

Include the Required Information

Any additional information that you have about the user

Add them directly into the correct Roles and Groups.

Required Fields: Make sure all of your Users are correctly formatted and saved as n .csv (comma separate values) file on your computer

Format the Spreadsheet so that you include the following columns:

First Name (column A)

Last Name (column B)

Username (column C-this can be set up using a concatenate function =(lower(concatenate(A2, ".", B2)))

Email Address -You MUST enter in one, even if it is fake or you will not be able to import the users

Password (minimum of 6 characters)

Date Of Birth (e.g. 12/03/1978.. you must remember the format you use when you go through the import process)

YOu can import the following information, and even multiple addresses and phone numbers

Middle Names

Known As


Country Code









You can also set up columns to Import the users directly into a Role and into a group, or as a coach of a group. For example:

Role: Athlete

Group as a Coach : blank

Group as an Athlete 1: First team

Group as an Athlete 2: Second team

N.B. If you have strange characters or fields in the sheet, when you save the form as a .csv for importing, this may affect you column layout and cause an error when you import. Remove all comma's from the sheet using the find and replace all capability.

If you are importing more than one phone number or address you need to set up separate columns for each different type of address, phone number etc (as shown here) and the column must have a unique name

E.g for importing a primary and an alternative address, you would set up 6 columns for the information on the home address (one column to define the type of address {Primary} and 5 columns for the different address details) and then 6 columns for the information on the alternative address. Remember that the column names have to be unique so if you are importing two address fields you would need to set it up like:

1.Address Type: Primary

2. Address Primary

3. Suburb Primary

4. City Primary

5. Country Primary

6. Postcode Primary

7. Address Type: Alternative

8. Address Secondary

9. Suburb Secondary

10. City Secondary

11. Country Secondary

12. Postcode Secondary

When you are importing phone numbers and you need to split a number into the country code, prefix and number and if there is 0 at the START of the number in any column you need to add a space to the numbers (as shown in the image here).

If you are importing phone numbers that have a 0 at the start of the number then the 0 will be removed if that column is a number format. e.g.

0044 067 007898 should be split into Country Code: 44 Prefix: 67 and Number: 007898.

However, the 007898 will be shown in the excel file as 7898 and will not be imported correctly (as shown in Column W).

If you simply add in a space (using the space bar) into the numbers (after a number greater than 0) the formatting will be retained. It will preserve the 0 at the beginning of the number (as shown in the image above).

Once the csv file is correctly formatted, click on "Choose File", Browse through your documents and once you find it open it and click "Upload"

1: Click on "Choose File" and find the file of users to import from your computer files.

2: Then double click on the file name (e.g. New Athletes as shown here).

3: Click Upload

No Map over the columns from your spreadsheet with the fields in the system. You MUST map over the Date of birth correctly or the import will fail

Map the Correct Columns from your spreadsheet to the fields in the import tool as shown in the image here.

The most critical component is getting the date format match correct.

1: Click on the Format drop down arrow

2: Select the correct format. In the .csv file the date was formatted as dd/MM/YY, so it is critical that correct date format is selected from the date Format drop down (as shown here) or the file import will FAIL.


Map Across Any Address Information or Phone Numbers. If you had primary and secondary addresses and home, mobile numbers these can be imported here (as shown in the image in the step below)

Addresses and Phone Numbers can be imported as well.

You can import multiple addresses and phone numbers as long as you have separate columns in your spreadsheet that are named uniquely (e.g. Mobile, Mobile Country Code, Mobile Prefix, Mobile Number, and Home, Home Type, Home Country Code, Home Prefix and Home Number) as discussed in the steps above.

To map across additional phone numbers or a secondary address, select the "Add more Phone Numbers" or "Add more Addresses" and an additional fields will appear to be mapped.

Mapping across multiple numbers or addresses can be done by clicking on the add more Phone Numbers or Add more Addresses. Just map across the correct address fields.

If you set up Groups as an Athlete, Groups as a Coach, and Roles map these fields across as well in the correct area. You can import an athlete or coach into multiple groups and roles, by clicking on Add more Groups, Groups as a Coach or Add more Roles

You can import each user directly into a role and a group, or multiple roles and groups.

If you are importing in an athlete ensure you set up a column called Group and include the group name in that column e.g. Group 1 (Funding A, Funding B) and Group 2 (Podium and Talent)

If you are importing in a Coach, set up a column called Coach 1 and name the Groups that the Coach is a Coach of e.g. Coach 1 (Funding A) and Coach 2 (Podium)

If you are importing Roles set up a column name called Role 1 and write in the correct role for that user.

When you are importing multiple Groups, Groups as a Coach or Roles ensure each column in the spreadsheet is named uniquely.

Some users have imported athletes in up to 13 different grouping structures for each athlete, which saves a lot of time. If you are importing users, save time set up the correct grouping structures and roles.

Please note that you can import each user into existing groups and roles, or you can import the users into new roles and groups that you specify in the spreadsheet. Then you can set up the exact role and additional grouping structure for those new groups and/or roles later.

Remove Existing Groups

There is a tick box under each of the groups, groups as a coach and roles section. These are important to select if you are importing in different roles and groupings structures for Existing users on the system. If this is ticked then all Roles, Groups and Groups as a coach that each user is in that you are importing will be removed. See the section on Updating Groups, Groups and Coaches and Roles.

Check the Spreadsheet at the bottom of the import page against the fields that you mapped across (e.g. double check the date of birth and the groups) to ensure the fields that you want to import are mapped correctly and click "Next"

Double check that you have mapped across all of the columns in the spreadsheet with the correct fields on the import tool before you click Next as you cannot undo an import.

Import Success

Once the fields are imported, you will have a message that tells you if the import was a successful or not. If it was NOT successful then read the message carefully and follow the instructions on the error message. Then, try the import again.

Open up a Users details to ensure that fields have mapped across correctly. The image here shows that the multiple addresses were mapped across correctly


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