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Archiving 1-2 players without removing their data from the system

Over time players/athletes will move on and you will want to retain their data without them showing on your current groups. The following steps review this process for 1-2 athletes at a time.

Set up a new group called Archive

Click on Groups

Create a New group

Click Create new Group (right of page)

Name the Group and add a Description then Save

Add in all of the details about the group

Parent Group: If you add in this Archive group as a subgroup of an existing group, remember that if a users selects to see the parent group and all subgroups then the "Archive" player will appear as well.

To add in a couple of players type their name into the text box and add them one at a time.

Type the players name, then select them from the list and click "Add athlete".

The example here shows that Andrew and Sam have been added to the Archive group.

When they have been added, click on their name and then remove them from any other groups that they are in.

To remove them from any other groups they are in, click on their name (from the archive players list) to go to their athlete details then select remove for any other groups that they are included in. The example here show that "remove" has been selected for the 1st Team. Click OK to remove them from the selected group.

Remove access to the system by removing their roles

If the athlete has been given a username and password to login and enter data into the system, you may also need to update their access and remove their roles. To remove the athlete from their current roles, select "Clear All" under their roles. Then select "OK".

Don't forget to give "Coach" access to the archive group

Once you update your Archive Group list, don't forget to add a users to access them if you are going to use the data to run reports and generate historical norms.


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