Administration Site Help Documentation RolesA timeout session expiry length can also be set for any Role in the application

A timeout session expiry length can also be set for any Role in the application

The main application has a Timeout length which is defaulted to 12 hours after no activity. However, if the majority of the users in your organisation need a lock after 60 minutes, but some others need a lock after 10 minutes of no activity, the shorter time period could be annoying for the users only needing 60 minutes. To overcome this, each Role can have a timeout period set for it. This means doctors in an organisation could be set to 10 minutes, and an S and C role could be set to 60 minutes, and the timeout would appear accordingly.

Moreover, if the application timeout is set to 240 minutes, and a user has multiple roles and each role has a different timeout period ranging from 10 minutes to 120 minutes, the system will always take the minimum length and apply it to this user (e.g. 10 minutes).

Each Role in the Administration Site can now have a timeout period set for it

Click on a Role to open it and set a minimum length

When it opens it will appear with a -1. This means NO timeout length has been set for it

Add in the Timeout expiry length in minutes

ALL users in this role will now have the session expiry pop up box appear after 10 minutes of no activity on the application (see below).

Across the main application, installed online and installed offline, a pop up box will appear for any users in this role after 10 minutes of no activity

More importantly, a user can be completing data entry, and continue to enter the data after they enter their password

Timeout lengths can be set for as many Roles as required. If a users is in multiple roles with varying timeout lengths, his/her timeout length will be set based on the minimum period set

This user has 3 roles that all have timeout lengths. However, the shortest length will always be the one that is adhered to, e.g. 10 minutes.

N.B. To remove a timeout length from a role simply clear the time and save it. It will then default to -1


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