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Site Admin: Edit Athlete Accounts System Permission

There is a new system permissions that allows users to access most of an athlete's account information from the main application. This means a user does not need administration access to update an athlete's e-mail address, or a phone number.If you have been given this system permission, it means you can edit most of the account details for any athletes you manage/access.

N.B. They user edit account permission users cannot change username and password, or the active and inactive account buttons.

The New Edit Athlete Accounts system permission

To Access the Edit Account on the main application, a user MUST also have access to Profile Data AND read access to at least 1 Profile Form

If a user has access to the "Edit Athlete Accounts" system permission, they can edit the account information online through the Profile Pages

You can use the Profile Button on the main page, or even through the sidebar

Select the Player to be updated (either via the Profile button on the main page, or on the profile link on the sidebar-not shown here)

On the Profile Page Overview, an "Edit" button will appear below the Personal Details

Most of the athlete's account information can be accessed and updated as required

You will have access to upload and edit all of the account information apart from the username and password buttons, and the active and inactive account button.

Make any changes and save the them.  For example, a Primary Address has been added.

For additional security purposes, once a coach clicks Save, they will also need to Confirm their password

For security purposes, the coach MUST enter in their password correctly. If it is incorrect, or they try and cancel out of it, they will be logged out of the system and the changes won't be saved.

The account details will be updated

Once you enter in the information and confirm the password, a green notification will appear showing that the details have uploaded correctly.

These details will be updated on the Administration Site

The details will be updated on any personal details fields used in Event Forms,  and in other places where this information might be referenced.


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