Administration Site Help Documentation Important Information to know before you start to use the Administration SiteWhen you use the "Add Multiple" button to add multiple people, system permissions or data permissions, only the visible permissions will be added

When you use the "Add Multiple" button to add multiple people, system permissions or data permissions, only the visible permissions will be added

"Add Multiple" allows you to add multiple users, permissions or system permissions at once. However, if you use the Add Multiple button when you add in Multiple Users, and you perform multiple searches in the text box, ONLY the users that are ticked AND visible at the time you click "Add People" will be added. There is a way around this, but you need to read the documentation here.

An example of the "Add Multiple" Buttons that appear on the Admin Site (this example is showing the buttons in a Group)

To add multiple users to a group, you can click "Add Multiple Users".

For this example, Add Multiple Users was clicked. When you first view the list all of the users appear. Now click the "Deselect all" button to deselect all of the users names

To limit the names of the users you can type in a search parameter. "Coach" was added to limit the list of users shown

If you placed a tick beside the Head, Basic, Pro and Elite Coach and then add in a new search parameter (as shown below), the Users that are ticked but are NOT showing will NOT be added (e.g the coach users will be hidden when Jamie is typed in the search box)

If you ticked the coaches that you wanted to add, AND then you typed in a new search parameter (like "Jamie", as shown below), the Coach names would be hidden from view. Only users that you can SEE in the list are added when you click the "Add People" button. It was designed this way as some users forgot to tick the "select all" to deselect all of the users, they added in a search parameter and click on Add People, and then hundreds of athletes/users were added to a group because they were still selected in the background.

The user performs a search for a Jamie and they place a tick beside this user. If they click the "Add People" button now ONLY the users that you can see in the list with a tick will be added to the system. The users that are ticked and NOT showing (e.g. the coach users) will NOT be added

To get all of the users that you have ticked to be added (e.g the Coaches AND Jamie), you MUST remove the search parameter and have it blank so that all of the user appear. You can then see all of the users that were ticked

The example here shows that when you remove the search parameter, all of the users appear and you can see which users are ticked.

N.B. if you didn't deselect all of the user initially when the user list first appeared then you will have a lot of users that are still ticked!!

The same work flow can be applied when adding multiple System Permissions or Data Permissions

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