Administration Site Help Documentation Important Information to know before you start to use the Administration SiteYou can Import Multiple Users at a time, but you only get ONE chance to do it correctly, and it cannot be undone if you make a mistake

You can Import Multiple Users at a time, but you only get ONE chance to do it correctly, and it cannot be undone if you make a mistake

You can import multiple new users onto the system at once. These users can be imported in and you can even import them into a Role and a Group. You need to know three key pieces of information to import users correctly.

On the People Page you can add in multiple users at once by importing them in.

1. You MUST format the spreadsheet correctly.

You must format your import spreadsheet correctly.

We recommend the following layout. Please see the Administration lesson on Importing Multiple Athletes/Professionals before you attempt to import multiple users into the system. If you do not have a password, or a date of birth field, or an e-mail field it blank, the import will fail.

Format the Spreadsheet so that you include the following columns:

First Name (column A)

Last Name (column B)

Username (column C-this can be set up using a concatenate function =(lower(concatenate(A2, ".", B2)))

Password (minimum of 6 characters)

Email Address -You MUST enter in one, even if it is fake or you will not be able to import the users

Date Of Birth (e.g. 12/03/1978.. you must remember the format you use when you go through the import process)

YOu can import the following information, and even multiple addresses and phone numbers

Middle Names

Known As


Country Code









You can also set up columns to Import the users directly into a Role and into a group, or as a coach of a group. For example:

Role: Athlete

Group as a Coach : blank

Group as an Athlete 1: First team

Group as an Athlete 2: Second team

N.B. If you have strange characters or fields in the sheet, when you save the form as a .csv for importing, this may affect you column layout and cause an error when you import. Remove all comma's from the sheet using the find and replace all capability.

2. Once you import in new users, you cannot override their personal details (e-mail, username, dob, address etc) with another import.

Once you import in users into the site, you cannot override this information. This means if you do not have an address,or a phone number for an athlete and you choose to import in multiple athletes, you cannot do another import later to import in their phone and address. Once you import the user in, you will need to manually open each athlete's data and change it and save it. If in doubt.. ask your distributor

3. If you know that you need to import in users to update groups or roles in years to come, ensure you use a standardised username layout.

If you are planning on updating your groups and roles each year by doing an import to update their groups and roles, always use the same username format to avoid accidentally adding in duplicates to the system. If you use first.last name (jamie.anderson) one year and then you import in some users with different case First.Last (Jamie.Anderson) the system will recognise this as a different user. Please be consistent to avoid a lot of duplication checks!!!!


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