The Home Page


The Home Page

The Home Page

The Home Page

Once you have logged on you will be taken to the Home Page where you can access all of the features on the system:

Every system that is developed has different capabilities. You may have access to all or some of the capabilities. What you see on your login and home page screen may differ from what is shown in the image above:

- My Schedule shows the events that you have scheduled on a daily basis.

- My History allows you to review the information that you have entered for each type of event (available from the Home Page)

- Performance Summary Reports allows you to see how you are performing in pre-built reports (available from the Home Page)

- My Profile is where information about you such as GP, Physio and emergency contact details (available from the Home Page)

- Reports is where you can see the information you have entered into the system as a report (available from the Home Page and the Reports Tab)

- Enter Data is where you can enter all new information into the system (available from the Home Page)

- My Resources is where resources are stored such as preferred provider lists (available from the Home Page)

- Calendar is where you can see what events are scheduled , draft and any overdue events that have not been entered (available from the Calendar Tab)

- Personal Bests shows the best results you have achieved so far, and anonymously compares you to others in your group.


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