Athlete Performance Summary Dashboards

Performance Summary Dashboards provide a complete overview of athletic performance

Performance Summary Dashboards provide a complete overview of athletic performance

Performance Summary Dashboards are used to give a professional or athlete a complete dashboard overview of how they are performing across multiple performance areas and indicators. The arrows indicate performance improvement or decrement and the coloured backgrounds are the "Performance Standards" that were created according to the correct ranges of performance for you and others in your group.

The Performance Summary Dashboards also display how old the data is allowing you can decide how relevant the information is.

High Level Overview

The image above shows the high level overview of the athlete across a number of different variables. Your system will track different information but may include:


Flexibility and Agility




Strength and Power

Each one of these columns automatically pulls data in from a "Performance Summary Report" that shows the Key fields for a specific area such as Lifestyle/Overtraining as shown below. It pulls through the most important data from the Performance Summary Report to the Main Performance Summary Dashboard (shown here) and highlights any recent changes with the athlete.

Performance Summary Reports

Performance Summary Reports

From the Performance Summary Dashboard (discussed in the step above) you can click on an a specific report type to view your performance markers. For this example, you can see that the Lifestyle/Overtraining report has been selected. You can even click on a specific fields to see your actual history.

Viewing the Original Information

Viewing the Original Information

Once you click on a cell you will be taken to your athlete history for that record.

To get back to the Performance Summary Reports, click on the "Performance Summary Dashboards" link or the "Lifestyle/Overtraining" link on the Trail bar as indicated with the two arrows in this image here.


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