Performance Alert FAQs

Below is a list of some of the user questions regarding Performance Alerts

1. Question Regarding Notifications for Athletes


If I set up an alert to monitor a group of athletes, can I also set up these athletes to be the ones who receive the alert?

Example: I set up an alert to monitor a group’s 40m sprint time for a personal best. I then want to alert the athletes themselves if they run a personal best, so I also want them to be notified users.

Does this work? Does an athlete only get alerted based on their own data, or would they be alerted if another athlete ran a PB, even if they are not the coach of that other athlete?

Or, do I instead have to set them up one by one – i.e. an alert for each athlete about just themselves?


Yes, now that the Performance Alerts are ONLY sent to users with the correct permission, you can set up an alert like you have outlined above and the alets will only be sent to the correct athletes who triggered the alert.


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