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1: Importing into an Event Form in with default values set for fields


Just a query on importing a file to fill in a portion of a form.


I have an event page with quite a bit of information about an athlete Profiles, Contact info, etc

Every field in that form is set to default to last value.

Most athletes have had previous records saved and filled in for this form.

If I then do a ‘partial’ import, for example, I only have data for the first few sections in the form for the new import the newly imported records don’t default to last for the fields which I did not have data for. So In my file those fields were not even there, so I was expecting that importing the new data for the new records would be fine and that the fields which I did not have new information for would default to previous values.


I did a resave of the form and this did not update either. Going into each athlete/form manually is not an option as there are hundreds. Is this supported?



This work flow has never been supported. When you import in data, it writes the information for the entire form, even if there are blank columns in the import file and it saves these records as blank fields with no data. The default cannot override a blank imported field. The resave won't work because the field is actually saved as a blank record.


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