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Each different type of user has access to different modules on the system when they login. All of the system permissions (the modules that you access) and data permissions (what data you can enter and/or view) is set up by your administrator. Please contact them if you have any queries about the system.

The Home Page Modules

The Home Page Modules

The Home Page

Once you have logged on you will be taken to the Home Page where you can access all of the features on your software:

Every system that is developed has different capabilities depending on the type of information you need access to and what you need to do with your system.

You may have access to all or some of the capabilities shown in the image above.

What you see on your home page WILL be different from what is shown in the image above. This gives an overview of the different module capabilities:

- Side Bar-shows all of the athletes in the group that you are viewing.

- My Schedule allows you to see what is planned for your athletes today, shows individual events and groups events. The Schedule allows you to open and edit the events scheduled on any day.

- Performance Alerts allow you to set up the alerts for events that are entered and combinations of information entered (available from the Home Page)

- Performance Summary Reports allows you to see how your athletes are performing across key performance measures (available from the Home Page)

- Athlete History allows you to see the history entered for each type of event for an individual athlete(available from the Home Page)

- Athlete Profiles is where information about each athlete such as GP, Physio and emergency contact details is stored (available from the Home Page)

- Reports is where you access and run reports for all of the information entered into the system for a group of athletes (available from the Home Page and the Reports Tab)

- Yearly Plans is where you can create a complete periodisation plan for your athlete, and the plan is written to their calendars as planned events

-Training Blocks allows you to create a block of training that can be applied to multiple athletes. It is a very fast way to optimise planning for a large group of athletes

- Enter Data For Athlete is where you can enter all new information into the system for a single athlete (available from the Home Page)

- Enter Data for Group is where you can enter data for a group in a table mode (available from the Home Page)

- Groups allows you to set which groups data you are viewing and accessing when you use the system (available from the Home Page)

- My Resources is where resources are stored such as preferred provider lists (available from the Home Page)

- Import Data is where you can upload data and see the templates for information to be uploaded into the system (available from the Home Page)

- Import Pending Data allows you to upload data from any system such as the smart speed timing lights.

- Personal Bests allows you to see all of the personal bests of each athlete for specified fields

- Print Results is where you can select to print off session information e.g. a 4 week training cycle.

- Calendar is where you can see what events are scheduled , view draft and any overdue events that have not been entered for each athlete (available from the Calendar Tab)

- Recent Entries allows you to see the recent entries that have been added by athletes or other coaches/professionals about each athlete into the system (available from the Calendar Tab)


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