Your Account Information

Your account details

To access your account settings click on "account" top right of the page

To access your account settings click on "account" top right of the page

Changing your account details

Changing your account details

Your account details

-First Name: the first name (must be entered into the system)

-Middle Names: the Middle Name

-Last Name: the Last Name (must be entered into the system)

-Username: is used when they login (must be entered in the system)

-Known As: The name that is shown when others are viewing their information

-Email Address: Your e-mail is the address that any reports, messages, or new passwords are sent to

-Password: Password Security

Passwords need to be a minimum of 6 characters. For security try and use a mix of letters and numbers. NEVER use a simple 123456 or just a first name. For security, passwords do NOT appear once they are written in. They cannot be read/accessed once they are set.

-Date Of Birth: Use the << arrows to move between years and the < to move between months to select the correct date using the pop-up calendar. Move to the correct date and then right mouse click on the correct day.

-Sex: Male/Female

-Picture: An image of the athlete can be displayed beside your Know as details. Browse, select and upload the image.

N.B. If you do not select "Upload" your picture will not be updated

Address and Phone numbers

Address and Phone numbers

-Address: You can select to include a Primary and/or Alternate Address

To add an additional address click the "Add Address" button

-Phone Number: Phone numbers are used for text messages. Phone numbers need to be entered as International, National (drop the 0) and then Local Number. For example, (03) 453 2768 becomes 643 453 2768, or a cell phone 0275663 877 becomes 642 756 63877.

Once you write in your cell phone number, you can click on the "test" button and the system will send a text message to that phone number to verify it is correct. A notification will also appear saying "valid phone number". If it doesn't then try again.

YOu can add multiple phone numbers by clicking the "Add Phone Number"

Internationalisation... what language will appear when you login?

Internationalisation... what language will appear when you login?

You can select what language you the application site to appear. The available languages are:





The entire site will appear in that language apart from the labels for athletes and coaches. These must be set by your site Builder.

Favourite Events and Sidebar Width

Favourite Events and Sidebar Width

Favourite Events: These are events that you can choose to appear as a separate button at the top of the Home Page, and that event appears at the top of the list in the sidebar, as well as having links to it by the athlete's picture on the sidebar and on the Sidebar that always show. Usually you would select an event that is used daily, but you do not have to select any events (see the next lesson to learn more about favourite events).

Sidebar Width is set in pixels.

The default width is about 220-250 pixels. You can make it wider or narrower to fit your needs (see the section in the application help on section width for more details).

YOU MUST CLICK "SAVE" to update you account information

Make any necessary changes and select "Save" to update the users account.


When you click Save you need to confirm these changes by entering in the password you used to login


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