Finish Time is now available to use when importing in data

Previously, Finish Time was not available to use in the import tool and the length of an event defaulted to 1 hour.

The following is an example csv of a file that was exported out of Smartabase. It includes Start Time and Finish Time as separate fields

Both the Start Time and Finish Time can be used during an import. Follow the normal import steps to get to data mapping

Confirm the athletes

On the Data Mapping page the Start Time (which is the start time on a specific date) and the Finish Time appear (which is the finish time on the specifieddate)

Map the Start Date AND set the Start Date Format (e.g., dd-MM-yyyy)

The Finish Time field MUST be a HH:MM format (e.g., 11:22 or 23:55)

Now map the Start Time and Finish Time fields

Check the data has imported correctly

Run a report and confirm the data was imported correctly and ensure the Start Time and Finish Time are selected in the Report settings


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