Group Entry enhancements

Group Entry now adds in multiple columns to fit the width of the page. Filtered searches are now also condensed into lists.

For a Group Entry, the Number of Columns is maximised to fit the width of the page

The old work flow only had a maximum of a three column layout.

The columns now fill the maximum width of the page

The columns autofit based on the longest name, and if it is too long, the name will be condenses to fit

This is the workflow with smaller numbers of players.

For filtered searches, with the old work flows the filtered names used to stay in the same place (relative to their original position) which meant users had to scroll.

Now, all of the names matching the filter are re-ordered down each column for maximum columns across the page.

N.B. The columns are sorted alphabetically down, but are optimised to fit in the available window, enabling the maximum number of columns to appear


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