Field Advanced Properties: Copy the properties from existing fields to the current field, or apply a field's settings to all similar field types

Setting up field properties can be timely. The Copy Properties From and the Copy to All button were developed to enable you to copy the settings from existing fields and apply them to other fields.

All field types will have an Advanced Properties section. You can use these settings to ensure that add additional visibility settings and default settings for each field so that it appears on the form, appears in the athlete history, and appears in the sidebar etc.

Depending on the Type of Field (numeric, text, selection etc) that has been selected, different properties will be available to set. When you add in a new field, you can apply properties from existing fields to that field by selecting the "Copy Properties From" drop down and selecting which one you are going to copy. The example here shows that for the new field, the properties that were set for the question Comments will be applied here.


If you set up the field properties for one field, these can be applied to all of the fields of that type. The example here shows that the properties displayed on the right will be copied to ALL Number fields in the form.

You can apply properties to that they are applied from one question to all other fields of that type. Here you see that the properties have been set up for a numeric field. These properties are now going to be applied to all other number fields in that form (just check that you are sure you want these settings to be applied to ALL other number fields in your form). Here all of the fields on the left of the page will be updated. To change the properties of the tick field, you would need to set up the properties for one field and then Copy to All Ticks.


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