Important changes to the way Profile and Account Data links into Event Forms

Previously, when an Event Form was entered that had Linked Account and/or Linked Profile information the Profile or Account information entered for the athlete at that time would be stored with the entry.

If a Profile or if the Account information was updated or changed, the existing Event Form entries would remain unchanged; it would keep the link to the original account or profile data not the most current. To get these historical records to update with the correct account or profile information user's would have had to run a resave to pull through the most recent profile or account information into any historical event forms.

Now the links between Profile and Account Fields into Event Forms has been significantly altered; these now ALWAYS link to the most CURRENT information on the Account or the Profile Pages. This means if an athlete's account information or their profile data changes ALL of the existing records on the system that link to that information will show the updated data (without having to run a resave).

The Image here shows an Event form that links to the user account information.

The fields shown here are linking from the athlete's account information. At the time of the entry the most up to-date information pulls through.

The entry is made on the 11th and at the time of the entry the Phone and Address information is missing for this athlete so these fields appear blank.

The image here shows historical data for this athlete and all of their historical data is missing the linked Phone and Address information

The athlete's account information was not entered at the time these entries were made.

Previously, if the account or profile data was updated any historical records would not display the current information. Now historical data is automatically updated

The example in the image here shows that the athlete's phone and address information has been amended on their account. Previously, any historical Event data that linked to these fields would remain blank and the historical records would not be updated with this new address and phone information. To update the historical data (and pull through the most recent data) a resave of the Event Form would need to be completed.

Now, when this account information is entered it is automatically pulled to all historical records that link to these fields. The same automatic update occur with the links between Profile Data and Event Forms (e.g. via Profile Linked fields).

Now, as soon as any profile or account information is updated it pulls through automatically into all historical records WITHOUT an Event Form Resave

You can see here that the athletes phone and address appear in all historical records, and the user did NOT have to do a resave. The information is updated and displays as soon as it is entered/updated.

The image in the example here shows historical data linking to Profile Fields.

The three fields in this Event Form link to a Profile Form.

When the Profile Form is updated all historical data updates with this information (as shown in the image in the step below)

The most current Profile information is then pulled into all historical entries. No resaves are required.

The example shows that all historical records have been updated with the new Profile Information (e.g. plyo to static, 55.0 to 21.0 and Poor to Excellent) and the user did not need to run a resave.


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