Excel Reports: Set up additional data filters when you run an existing report


You can now add in Event Field filters when you run an existing Excel Report.


Tick on the "Advanced Configuration" button and then you will be able to add in a filter for the Event Form/s.

1: Click on the Advanced Configuration tick box

2: All of the Event Form used to create the Excel Report will appear for selection (the example here shows three beacuse this report was set up using three forms)

-Click on the "Add" button to add in an Event Form Filter

The example here shows that a filter is being set up for the Event Form Daily Monitoring and the Field "Hours Slept".

#1: Select the Event Field: e.g. Hours Slept

#2: Select the Condition: e.g. Greater than or equal to

#3: Select the Search Term: 7 (e.g. 7 hours or more)

When you have set up the appropriate filters, Run the Report


Open the file and you will see that ONLY entries that match the filter criteria will be included in the Excel Report



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