Builder Site: Important Information about changing Attachments to Resources for an Event Form

To enhance security and access for Attachments uploaded to Event Forms, each Event Form in the system can now be set up so that any Event Form Attachments (not file uploads in the form) are also treated as Resources. Based on the new security restrictions for Resources, this means each Attachment uploaded to an Event Form that is set for Attachments as Resources can only be accessed by users that that have been given access to BOTH the My Resources Module and the specific Resource Category it is uploaded into.

-N.B. Categories, and Category access, are set up by an Administrator on the Administration Site.

N.B. To access Attachment-Resources uploaded for a specific athlete, a user must be given access to the Athlete, the Event Form, the Category, and the My Resources Module.

Any Event Form can be set up to have documents, images or files attached to the Event. This is done on an Event Form by Event Form basis

Event Form Attachments are enabled on the Event Form's Advanced Properties setting called "Attachments"

When normal Attachments are enabled on an Event Form, you upload the attachment and enter in the Name and Description, and it is saved with the Event Form

You can upload an Attachment so that it appears with the Event Form and can be accessed later. The example here shows an Attachment being uploaded to be stored with the Event Form. The attachment appears at the top of the Event Form. Once the Event Form is Saved and Closed, the Attachment appears in the attachments section in the Sidebar and above the Athlete History for that Event Form (as shown in the image in the step below).

Once attached, each Attachment appears in the Sidebar, and in the Athlete's History. Anyone with access to the Event Form and the Athlete can access the Attachment

Once the Attachment is uploaded, it can be accessed via the Event Form, the Attachments section in the Sidebar, or from the Athlete History Page for that Event Form.

However, there was no global place to access all of the attachments, across all Event Forms. To view an attachment, users had to load the attachment from the Athlete's list in the Sidebar, or from the List in the Athlete History or by opening the Event Form that it was attached to.

Now, on an Event Form by Event Form basis Attachments can be enabled, and you can also set these Attachments to be treated as Resources

A new Advanced Form Property has been developed for Attachments on Event Forms. It enables Attachments to be treated as an Attachment, AND a Resource.

Once an Event Form's Advanced Properties is set to True for "Attachments Are Resources", some critical changes occur regarding access to any existing Event Form Attachment-Resources. These are listed here and are outlined in the steps below:

  1. For any Event Forms which are updated to treat Attachments as Resources, that already have attachments uploaded, the existing attachments will automatically be re-categorised into the "Attachment" Category.
  2. When any NEW attachments are uploaded into that Event Form, they must now be stored in a specific category.
  3. To access any Attachment-Resources a user must have access to the Resources Module. The Attachment-Resources still appear with the Event Form, in the Sidebar and the Athlete History Module for that Event Form. However, they are NOW also accessible and searchable using the Resources Module.
  4. When a new Attachment is uploaded to an Event Form, it is now added into a Category and ONLY users with access to that category can access that attachment. Previously, all Event Form attachments could be accessed if a user had access to the Event Form and the Athlete. Now, the user MUST have access to the Event Form, the athlete AND the Category that the attachment is stored in AS WELL AS the Resources Module in order to be able to access the attachment for each athlete. The system Administrator will set this on the Administration Site.

Please note that your system has to be manually set by your Distributor to enable Attachments as Resources.

If your Event Form Advanced Properties do NOT show the "Attachment at Resources" button when the Attachments field is set to True (as shown in the image here), then your system has NOT been enabled. Ask your Distributor from Fusion Sport to update this immediately.

Updating an Event Form that already has Attachments: The example here shows that the Injury Record will be updated to have the Attachments set as Resources

Many systems are set up so that Medical Records have Attachments. Now, these can be set to appear as Attachments and Resources. The Attachments still have the same level of security and access, but they can now be accessible via the My Resources Module.

Currently, any Attachments uploaded to existing Injury Records appear with a Name, Description and File

The example here shows that one of the Event Form Attachments has been opened. It only appears with the Name, Description and File.

To change Attachments to Attachment-Resources, go to the Builder Site. For the Injury Form shown here, Attachments were already been enabled

This Event Form was already set to have Attachments enabled for it. Now it will be set so that the Attachments are treated as "Resources" as well (see the step below).

The Attachments Are Resources field will be set to "False". This needs to be changed to "True". Save the Event Form

Below the Attachments Advanced Form Property, a field will appear labeled "Attachments are Resources". This will be set to False. Set it to True, and Save the Event Form.

As soon as the Event Form Property is updated, all Existing Attachments will automatically be recategorised into a Category called "Attachment"

The ONLY change that occurs to the actual Event Forms and any Attachments, is that each attachment is added into a Category called "Attachment". This means all existing attachments are available to users who can access the Attachments Category via their Role access.

N.B. No changes occur to the existing historical data stored for any athlete for that Event Form. The ONLY change is to the Attachment Category.

N.B. If this is the First Event Form that is changed to treat Attachments as Resources, a new Category called "Attachment" will be added into the Categories List in the Administration Site

In the Administration Site in the Categories Module, the new category appears called "Attachment". It was designed to ensure all existing attachments are securely transferred to the new "Attachment" Category. It cannot be modified.

This was designed purely to manage historical data. For new Event Forms that have Attachments enabled on them that do not have existing attachments, you will not need this.

N.B. You will have to check with your Site Administrator that ALL users with access to the Injury Record Form now have access to the "Attachment Category" and the "Resources" module via their Role/s. If they don't, they cannot access or upload Injury Record attachments

The example here shows that the Attachment Category has been added to the Physiotherapy Role. This means the users who access the Injury Record via this role will be able to access the Attachments which have been automatically added into the Attachments Category.

All existing Attachments still appear with the Event Form. However, when they are opened they are categorised into an Attachment Category

Most importantly, this attachment is now available from the My Resources Module to access.

For any new Attachments that are uploaded to this Event Form, users can select to store these in any Category made available to them via their respective Role/s

When a new Attachment is added to this Event Form, it can be entered into any Category that is available to the user. This is used to limit who can access this Resource when viewing the athlete's records. The example here shows that the Doctor's ONLY Category is selected as the Category for this attachment to be stored in. This means only users with access to the Doctors ONLY category will be able to access this file.

Additionally, each Attachment-Resource can now be entered with additional details and this help with searching on the My Resources Module.

N.B. Existing historical attachments can be changed to different categories or subcategories and saved.

N.B. The categories that each user accesses will vary depending on the unique categories that the system Administrator has enabled on the Administration Site, as well as the categories that have been enabled for each user via the Role Data Permissions.

These attachments are also available from the My Resources Module from the category they are stored in.

Each new Attachment-Resources can now be accessed in the My Resources Module on the system.The new search feature for the Resource Module ensures users can easily locate attachments stored via athlete, time periods, categories and the like.

Moreover, all of the historical attachments uploaded for Event Forms that have been enabled as Attachments are Resources will also be searchable here via the "Attachments" Category (all historical attachments are automatically categorised into the Attachments Category), or for any new categories that the Attachment may be recategorised into.

User MUST have access to the My Resources Module: if a user has access to the Form AND the Category, but they DO NOT have access to the My Resource Module, no Event Form Attachment-Resource will appear

The user here has been given access to the correct Category and Athlete, but they have NOT been given access to the My Resources Module.

To access Attachment-Resources uploaded for a specific athlete a user must be given access to the Athlete, the Event Form, the Category and the My Resources Module (as shown in the image below).

To access Attachment-Resources the user MUST have access to the Resources Module AND the Category they are stored in

The example here shows that this user has access to the correct Categories, but they do NOT have access to the Resources Module. This means they will not be able to access any Attachment-Resources for any of the Event Forms where the Attachments are enabled as Resources until they are given access.

One way to view a list of roles accessing a specific Event Form is to open a role and click on the read or write for that event form

N.B. A simple way to see who access the ability to edit an Injury record is to click on, and then make a note of the roles. Then, you can assign the same roles to have read access to the Attachments Category.


You can use this list to ensure that some, or all of these roles have access to the correct Attachment-Resource Category

Open a Role that should have access to the Category. If it is not listed, add it in.

Click on the name of the Category (e.g Physio ONLY)

A list of all of the Roles that have access to that Category will appear. Add or Remove Roles accordingly

N.B. For any Event Forms with Attachments that are NOT set as "Attachments Are Resources", these attachments continue to be globally available to any User with access to the Event Form and the Athlete

Because "Attachments Are Resources" is set on a Form by Form basis, any Event Form that is enabled for Attachments ONLY (not for attachments to be treated as Resources), will continue to function as it used to. However, ONLY Forms that have "Attachments are Resources" enabled will have the new categorical limitations; ONLY these attachments also be available in the My Resources Module.

If you have any questions or concerns ask your Distributor immediately


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