Administration Site: How to edit an existing Category

Click on the Categories Module

The list of existing categories will appear on the left of the page

If you know the name of the Category you can type it directly into the search box. Click to open

This is the name that will appear in the drop down list, and as a Category in the Data Permissions that you will be able to assign access to.

All of the existing Category information will appear

Categories can be safely renamed simply by typing in a new name

The example here shows that the Category Named "Doping Test Protocols" has been renamed to "Physician Doping Information". Once changed click on Save.


Once renamed, the renamed Category appears in the Categories List

This Category will still be applied to any Roles who previously had it (e.g. the Medical Role)

See the lesson on Adding Category permissions to find out more about this.

The existing Resources and Attachments from the original name are now stored in the renamed Category

N.B. You can add in and edit any Sub Categories without affecting any of the existing files stored in those Sub Categories


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