Preview Schedule Module

The Preview Schedule Module was designed for a few key users in your organisation to Publish multiple scheduled events at one time. This is NOT a system module that athletes or regular coaches need access to.

Access to the Preview Schedule Module was designed to allow a user to view 1-2 weeks of "Draft" data (unpublished and hidden from any users). Then, multiple events can be published scheduled at once. This turns all Draft (hidden) data into Published events that are accessible to that any users with access to the event form.

The Preview Schedule Module is available on the main application

It enables users to see all Draft and Published Scheduled events for any Related Entities used in the Schedule forms that the user has access to (e.g.  Doctor, Room etc.).

The image in the example here shows that published (green) and unpublished events appear in the preview schedule module.

Select the Start Date and the Finish Date that you want to view the Scheduled Data for. This selects the Period that you want to Publish the Data for

Select the Start and Finish Date that you want to Publish the Schedule Events For

N.B. You can only publish Scheduled Events that you have access to, for the users and Related Entities that you have access to. Ideally, a main administrator who has access to Publish Scheduled Events via the Preview Schedule Module, should have access to all athletes and all Scheduling Event Forms.

The data from that period will load. You can view the Schedule Calendar by moving back and forward through the dates that have been selected

If any "Conflicts"  occur within the data range (e.g. double bookings of a related entity), these appear at the top of the Preview Schedule Module in the Conflicts Detected Section

Any conflicts (double bookings for a single related entity) will appear for ALL Related Entities Types for the time period you have selected. In the example here, you can see that a number of conflicts exist for the Coach/Teacher Related Entity Type for the related entity "Anderson".

N.B. To resolve these types of conflicts, see the subsequent section on Scheduling Conflicts

Click on the "Related Entity" Dropdown selector to view the schedule for different Related Entity Types used in Scheduling Forms

E.g When Doctor is selected, the schedule events for a Doctor appear.

Only the first 10 Related Entity records will appear (in alphabetically order), but you can view and select any records via the "View or Select Additional ..." button (as outlined in the step below)

Click "View or Select Additional ...." to select different related entities to view, e.g. in this instance the Related Entity is a Doctor

The Preview will display the related entity records that were selected

The Scheduled Events for the Related Entities can be viewed by Hours or Days

The Schedule Events for the Related Entity as a Day view

You can resolve any conflicts (see the subsequent section on conflicts) and then Publish all of the Schedule Events for the chosen period (see the subsequent section on Publishing)


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