System Fixes and Enhancements

The most important application enhancements include the following:

  • PDF-Form was not able to be sent via Email.
  • Actual Loads were not showing on a Yearly Plan.
  • Historical calculations for Today are working as expected.
  • Records entered at the same date and time do not combine into a group entry format.
  • The status of an athlete is appearing correctly.

Planned and Actual Loads are showing on Yearly Plans

A PDF Form was not able to be sent via Email from the Reports Page. This can now be sent as long as the user also has access to the system permission called "Reports - Send Email"

Historical calculations now sum multiple entries added for the same date and time

Previously if data was entered at the same time and date, historical calculations with a filter of "Today" could not detect all of the entries. This has been amended and the calculations are working as expected to calculate all entries across the day.

Records entered at exactly the same time were combining into a group entry. Now this only happens if the person entering in the data is the same user

The status ( e.g., ill, available etc.) was not showing correctly on system with two forms setting the status when a user only had access to one form

If a user had access to only one Event Form used to calculate the status of an athlete, the status of the other form would not appear, and would not shown when a user changed groups. This has been fixed so the status is accurate, regardless of permissions.


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