How to add or remove athletes from a Scheduled Entry for a Group of Athletes

Because Scheduled Event Forms do not use the normal group entry process, to add or remove an athlete/s from a Scheduled "Group" Entry, you MUST follow the protocol outlined here.

Scheduled Events do not appear in Group entry mode. Instead, an event is scheduled, and can then applied to one or more athletes; depending on the Scheduling Form set up

For Scheduled Event Forms that are set up to include a field where athletes can be selected within the Scheduling Form, this entry can be applied to all of the selected athletes. The example here shows that 4 athletes were selected for the Event.

N.B. Some Scheduling Forms are set up so the Scheduled Event appears on the athlete's login on the sidebar, calendar, athlete history etc. Other can be set to ONLY appear in athletes' calendar. Some are set to only include the athlete's name and no record of the scheduled event is stored on the athletes login. These have all be set up specifically by your organisation to best reflect your Scheduling needs.

If additional athletes need to be added or removed, go to the Preview Schedule Module and open the entry in group mode;  you can also open the entry from the calendar page

A Table should appear with the listed athletes on each row. In the FIRST ROW, click on the athlete fields cell

Click in the first row of the table in the field which lists all of the selected athletes. Then click on the " players selected" link to add or remove athletes.

From the Select players pop-up, tick additional Athletes or untick athletes that you do not want to include

In this instance, athlete seven was deselected and athlete four and six were added. Then click on the Players selected button.

Next click on "Fill Down" button. This is critical as it copies the athlete selection from the first row to the rest of table rows. If you do NOT do this, it will fail.

Copy the athlete selection to the rest of the table using the fill down button.

The Fill Down Pop-Up box will outline that it will copy the data from the selected field in row 1 (e.g., the athletes field) and to the rest of the athletes fields in the table

The names will be filled down. The Save the Form. DO NOT add in any additional rows etc. As long as the correct athletes are selected in the athlete fields, the entry will be stored for those athletes.

Even though different athletes many appear in the table rows, to what you have just selected, do NOT make any changes to the rows of data. As long as each of the existing rows contains the correct athletes names, the changes will be applied.

Then save the group entry.

Open the entry again just to check it has saved.

N.B. Do NOT add in new athletes using the add athlete entry row at the bottom (which creates a new row at the bottom of the form). Because all of the athletes fields cells need to have exactly the same names listed, just edit the first cell and use the fill down

If you do click on the Add Row at the bottom of the table, cancel making the changes to the group entry and start again.

If you d aid use the add athlete the bottom of the table and then you saved it, you will cause conflicts and break the group entry

A users tried to add in a row at the bottom of the table, and this has created a duplicate record and generated a conflict!

If a duplicate has been created, you may need to open one entry and delete all of the group records.

Open the original and check that the correct athletes are still listed.

You CAN open a single athlete's entry and delete their specific entry (if you have delete access to the Event Form)

Open the entry in single entry mode for the athlete, and delete the entire entry for the selected athlete. This would usually only be done when you have one athlete to remove. This will delete the event and remove them from any athlete field listing in the other group entries for that event.

Open the entry for that athlete ONLY, e.g., for a single athlete so that it appears in single entry mode

Once it appears in single entry mode (as shown here), delete the entry for this athlete. This can only be done if you have delete access to the Event Form

The next time you open the scheduled entry, the athlete who's entry was deleted will be removed from the selected athletes list

If you need help with Group Scheduling, just ask your distributor, or write questions below.


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