If you use section visibility to completely hide a section, that section will be hidden on the Mobile App. But, so too will any subsequent section which are set with Mobile Page break="No"

This section is hidden using a field within the event form. This means the section will never appear, it will be permanently hidden.

However, if the subsequent section is set to Mobile Page Break =No, the subsequent section effectively merges with the first section, which is hidden, and they will both be hidden

If the entire Form is set up this way, the only thing that will appear will be the date field.

The image here shows that NO fields appear for entry. Even though forms should have fields available for entry, because the first section is hidden, the subsequent section retains the same visibility.

To stop this issue from occurring, the subsequent section needs to be set to Mobile Page Break = Yes

The Next section needs to be set up with a Mobile Page break. This will enable this section to appear and not be merged with the hidden section.

The fields in the subsequent section/s now appear. Previously they would not have.

If you use this type of section visibility setting AND the forms will be used on the Mobile Application, you need to check that the subsequent section, after any completely hidden sections, is always set as Mobile Page Break ="Yes"


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