Filter using Entered By in the Reports Page

The "Entered By" field could not be used as a Report Filter. This has been amended to that a text based search can be used. Please use this filter wisely, especially as a name change for any user may break the filters that you have set up.

The "Entered By" field automatically tracks who saved an event form on the system

Now a text based search can be performed with this field (previously no search could be used)

Report can be saved using these filters, BUT if the user's details change then the report will no longer run

Please always remember that Entered By tracks the user's first name and last name, so if this is changed, then the filter will NOT be able to pull through the records you expect. Please use this feature wisely and considerately.

This example shows that the user's name has been updated. Thus, the report will be missing any new entries entered as the user "Person Test", not "Coach Test"

N.B. The entered by fields do appear in the Builder in field and section visibility settings. However, the entered by does NOT appear in the form until after it is saved (so visibility fields won't work until after the form is saved), AND if the person's name is updated the filters will break. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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