The Body Diagram can be entered in group entry mode

Previously, because the body diagram stores the selected body areas in a table format, you couldn't enter in the body diagram in group entry mode because the group entry table mode clashed with the body diagram table storage method. This has been resolved and group entry can be done with form that have the body diagram in it.

In Group Entry, the body diagram appears for entry. User can select the desired body parts.

The data can even be filled down!

No unexpected errors appear and the group data can

Note that the Body Diagram will also display all of the selected areas (not just the first) and the counts will be correct for the group

Exporting these out of the system will ensure each of the selected areas has a row

The selected areas export out correctly for the athlete on the selected date

The three selected areas appear in separate rows

N.B. Data from a body diagram will soon be able to be imported back into the system into one record.

Note that to import into the  body diagram summary fields, these need to be exported as a text calculation first.


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