Linked Values can now have a numeric format and a higher or lower is better set for them

You can link fields from one Event Form into another Event Form. You can now set the format of the linked number and specify whether higher or lower is better. This enables you to use this field for comparisons

You can now set numeric formats for linked values

An example of a linked value from the 40m sprint event form pulling INTO the Vertical Jump Test Form

This is the original field in the 40m sprint Form on the Event Builder

The Advanced Properties for the 40m linked field in the Vertical Jump Test Event Form can now be set to lower values are best (as this is a sprint time) and with a maximum number of  decimal places (3dp).

When a linked field is set up, none of the properties are copied across from the original field that you link to, these need to be set up based on how you want to use the linked field in the new event form.

One the actual site the example here shows that on the Vertical Jump Form for the 40m field 4.77 is pulled through (2 decimal places showing here) and the 20-40m is set to pull through as well (3 decimal places).

Please note that for the original 40m sprint event form entry on the main application where the 40m sprint data was captured there was only 2 decimal places entered for the original 40m field (4.77), so only 2 decimal places are shown in the linked field in the vertical jump form. If 4.771 was entered on the 40-m Sprint Form, then 4.771 would show here.

The Athlete History and Reports show the linked values to the number of decimals specified (3dp)

The Performance Summary Dashboards show the linked value correctly (3dp)

Any PDF's of the linked fields show the correct number decimal places

Please note that there is a known issue with linking to fields that have a Unit or value associated with them. Please try and avoid linking to these fields


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