The "is blank" function in a calculation now calculates even when a field has not been entered

When you do any calculations in the system, ALL of the fields needed to be available in order for a calculation to calculate

Previously, when "is blank" was used in a calculation, the calculation would only calculate when the variable was either calculated as blank or entered as blank. The calculation using "isblank" would not calculate if it was blank because it was not entered. To get around this an interim calculation need to be added that included a a "safe" equation to return 0 if no data has been entered (as shown in the image below).


To get the calculate to calculate using isblank, you had to add in an interim calculation that returned safe (0) if not data was entered in a particular field, and then change the equation from an isblnak to a > or < equation.

Now, you can use the "isblank" in any calculation and it will automatically calculate if the cell is blank; either because no data has been entered, or because it has been left blank

The example here shows that the Number 1 field has been left blank. Previously, this equation would not have worked. Now the calculation works correctly.

The change to the isblank may affect some of your equations. It may enable you to remove some interim fields, or redo-workflows. Remember, if you are changing the form and you have data entered on the system for that form, test the equation first on a duplicate or test form BEFORE you change a live Data Entry Form. You do not want to make a mistake and lose data!


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