Removal of the additional buttons and features on the Profile and Database Builder

Previously, when you built a Profile Page or a Database, all of the same features, fields and options used to show in the Form Builder as when you were entering an Event Form

Now the feature set has been reduced to reflect the different capabilities of a Database and Profile Form.

Form, Section and Field Advanced Properties that are not used on Profile Forms, like the chart by default, sum and average, have been removed.

Question Fields on the Profile Event Builder such as Event Linked Fields have been removed because you cannot link an Event Form Field into a Profile Form

You cannot link an Event Form field back into a Profile Form. You can still use the inform reports if you want to see Event data in a Profile Form.

When you build a Database, all Event Linked Fields and Profile linked Fields have been removed. Additional fields like Age have also been removed.

This should not affect your system, as all of the fields and capabilities that have been removed would have caused glitches with the performance of the Profile Page or a Database


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