New "Double Spaces Error" on the Form Builder because a double space cause issues in some modules

Performance Summary Dashboard data and imports were being affected when there was a double space in a field name e.g. Drop down (with a double space between the two words).

On the Form Builder there is a new error message for fields that have a double space in the field name

This error message will appear if any of the fields in a form have a double space in the name.

You need to ensure that your field names do not have a double space in the name. You can still save the form, but the data will not link correctly into some of the system modules (like the Performance Summary Dashboards).

If you are creating a new field remove the double space

If you are creating a new field remove the double space


If you open an existing Form and you see you need to update an existing field in a form, you MUST use the Migrate Field work flow shown on the Event Pages List

To safely rename an existing field (with a double space in it) that has data stored for it go to the Event Pages List:

#1: Click on Migrate Field for the Form you need to update (e.g. 1 and 3RM Testing).

#2: Select the Field from the form that you want to migrate

#3: Update the name and click on "OK"

N.B. DO NOT just rename the field when you are viewing the form in the Builder view or you will lose you links to your existing data and that data will be delete.

If you need help to rename a field and you are not sure how to do it, or you are not sure if data is stored for it, just ask your Distributor



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