Glitches with default values in tables and html code appearing in tables have been resolved

If a default value is set in a table, the default value will appear for that field in every row of the table.

When you enter in new data into the table you could select other answers for the cell (as shown here)

However, a glitch was occurring when the table was updated and any values entered in a table cell with a default value were being overridden by the defaults

This glitch has been resolved and the default overide is not occurring

If there were line spaces in a database template (as shown here) they were appearing as a <br> when selecting them from a table cell (as shown below)

If the database was used as a Template in a paragraph of text field, the spaces would appear as html code as a <br> in the text field.

This has been resolved and the spaces do not appear in html code anymore


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