Excel Report Enhancements: Setting up filters for each Data Type


You can now set up a filter for the Data being pulled through to an Excel Report

This means you can limit the data that is pulled into the Excel Report according to your exact specifications

To add a filter, click on the Add Filter button underneath the Event Form


Then choose the Field Name, Condition and Search Term

#1: Choose the field that you want to set up the filter for (all fields for that Event Form will appear to choose from). The example shows that Test is the event field being used for the filter.

#2: Choose the condition. E.g. greater than, equal to etc. The example shows that less than or equal to has been chosen

#3: Choose the value

These filter parameters are set up so that we will ONLY include the Test data that is less than or equal to 10 in the Excel Report for this Event Form.

N.B. You can set up multiple filters for the same Event Form. Just make sure you use the Match ALL and Match ANY correctly.

For this Excel Report we are also setting up a filter on another event form used in the Excel Report. This will limit the data pulled through for that event as well

We are going to set up another filter for a different event form:

#1: We have chosen the Event Form "Running Time Trial"

#2: We set up a filter for the field "TT"

#3: The condition is "less than or equal to"

#4: The search term is 10

For this data type we will pull through the data that is less than or equal to 10 for the field TT.

Now when the report is Run only the data that matches the filter/s appears in the report. The image here shows the pivot tables and only data below 10 is showing for the TT and Test fields


You can add in filters to new reports or you can edit and update your existing reports.



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