Important changes to Smartsaves- a timezone selectors is being added back into the Smartsaves

The Timezone selector allows clients to select what timezone they are in, which helps to set when the smartsave should be entered relative to their local time. Every Smartsave should be updated according to your timezone as soon as this functionality becomes available on the server.

The Timezone can be set for each Smartsave now.

The Timezone can be set for each Smartsave now.

Because Smart Saves can be set up for forms with a lot of historical calculations and potentially for a number of athletes, this puts a lot of load on the server. Smart Saves have been set to run ONLY on the server during off peak times which were originally set to run between 2-4am local server time (which is set by default on all servers as UTC +12). This has caused issues as the Smart Saves are being entered in the wrong day for some clients. More critically, as some clients on a server span multiple timezones, there was no way to set which specific timezone each client was in, and the window to run the smartsaves in could impact on the day that the smartsave was being entered. To mitigate this:

  • Each server will be set to have the Smart Save run at an optimal time for the majority of the clients on the server (so this is set outside on the server time relative to local time, BUT it is tailored to meet the majority of the clients (e.g., UTC+12 time of 13:00 may be when they are set to run for a UK server, which corresponds to a UK am period). Fusion staff will be informed when this change is made.
  • We have added a timezone selector for each SmartSave. This is used to ensure that the checks for "Does this smartsave get created today?" and "what date should the newly created smartsave have?" are performed in the specified timezone, rather than the local server timezone. This helps to ensure that smartsaves are not created a day early, which may be possible for certain clients if they are sitting in the evening of the day prior to the server when the smartsaves are run.
  • Note, each Smart Saves will still be checked to fire in the am of client time (e.g., around 2-5am), but now the timezone selector helps to guarantee the entry day will be correct.


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