A new Row Count function for the Calculation Field to be used in Tables

A new row count function has been added in the "Calculation" Field Type that allows you to calculate the rows in a Table

To use this function, add in a Calculation field into a Table (as shown in the image above). The add in the correct row ( ) equation (as shown here). Ensure that it is all lower case.

When data is entered into the table, the Table rows count will happen automatically

This field can then be referenced in a Table Equation, or in the Table in another Calculation. The example here shows it being referenced in a Text Calculation field

The example here shows a Text Calculation being added into the Table. It will concatenate the Row Number field and the Speed field to produce a Trail number and then speed (as shown in the image below).

The example of using the Row Count function field in an equation in the Table.

The Row () Calculation field can then be referenced as part of a Table Calculation field. The example here shows it being used to calculate total number of table rows entered

The Calculation field using the Row () function is being referenced in a Table Calculation field (as outlined in the image in the step above)


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