Set the chart properties (colour, line width and transparency) for each field within an Event Form

Individual display properties can now be set for any field selected to be "Chart by Default" or for any field selected to chart in an In Form Chart.

The following can be customised for each field (some settings only appear for some specific chart types):

  • Colour (select colour or write in the # code)
  • Stroke width (1-10)
  • Shape size (1-10
  • Shape fill (Yes/No Tick)
  • Border (1-10)
  • Border width (1-10)
  • Saturation (0-100%)
  • Labels (Yes/No Tick)
  • Shadow (Yes/No Tick)

The Defaults (that may pull through from a Chart Properties set via the Application Details or from the Chart Properties on the Event Form) will be set automatically. To override these for a field, simply select "Customse" for the field's Chart Properties. The steps below outline how to customise the properties for any field set to Chart by Default or that is included in an Inform Chart.

NOTE: Any In Form Chart can include a mixture of fields set to be the default, or to be customised. Similarly, some Chart by Default fields or In Form charts may be set to default, while others in the Event Form are set to be customised. This is fine, just check that you are always happy with the way the charts look on the system with live data in them!

The following charting examples simply highlight the chart styling diversity, NOT good design sense!

Customising a "Chart by Default" field

This field is set to "Chart by Default" which means it will be charted on the Athlete History page (when there are two or more entries entered for this field).

Select Customise for the Chart Properties.

Chart by Default fields are Line  Charts (which cannot be changed), so the line settings and shape size and properties apear for customisation

Once "Customise" is selected, the line colour and width and shape style can be set.

Scroll to the correct spectrum and click on a coloured cell, or type in the # code and click the green tick box(as shown here)

Please ensure that you keep the application on 100% so that the colour selector does not minimise and the cancel button does not cover the selector (when minimised).

The selected colour appears. Then set the line width, shape button size and fill properties.

Note, the ONLY way to see the output for this it by looking at the chart on the site (as chart by default doesn't have a preview on the builder)

If the properties for the chart are changed, the chart will show the new properties on the main app

If a chart's properties are updated, these are applied globally and the old style no longer appears.

Note, ANY chart by default field not set with a chart property, will display with the default settings

The chart on the right has no customisation completed for it. It will display based on Chart Templates applied to the Application, or to the Event Form, and if neither of these have been created and applied, then the system will apply colours automatically.

Setting up properties for each field in an In Form Chart is as simple as opening the In Form Chart and modifying  EACH field you want to customise..

Each field will automatically be set to "Default". Select "Customise" to set up the properties individually for each field.

Depending on the type of Chart (History, Value or Scatter) different options will be able for customising. These are outlined in the steps below.

History Line Chart- customise the colour, line width and shape properties

The example here shows this field is set as a line chart. Once Customise is selected, you can change the field's properties.

In Form Charts will update as soon as changes are made so that you can preview them

As soon as an In Form Chart is updated in the Event Form, the chart will update to display the new properties for that field in the Builer Event Form Page.

Any other fields in the In Form Chart can now be modified by going to the selected value and selecting "Customise"

The example shere shows that this chart has 5 fields being charted, so each can be customised uniquely in this In Form Report

History Bar -customise labels (numeric value appears at the top of the bar), shadow, border and border width, and bar fill saturation

History Dot - customise the colour, size and fill

History Area - customise colour, border and border width, area saturation

History Spline - customise the colour, line width, shape size and fill

Value Charts: By default only 1 Times Series will appear for selection to be coloured. This sets the colour for the first data set pulled through.

IMPORTANT SET UP INFORMATION FOR VALUE CHARTS: If you set 5 or <5 for the Maximum Entries then you can customise each of the time series fields (e.g. each date for up to 5 dates)

When 5 or less is set as the maximum, you can customise the time series colour so that each date is presented using custom options.

The capability to individually colour 5 times series applies to the Value Dot, Value Bar and Value Radar

Value Bar, Value Area, and Value Radar Charts can have Border and Saturation parameters set

Value Area: be mindful that these are layered, so saturation % should be considered carefully.

Value Radar- Labels can be set to Show or not show. Again, just as for the Value Area chart settings (above), be mindful of layering and saturation for each time series

IMPORTANT SET UP INFORMATION FOR SCATTER CHARTS: IF you set 5 or <5 for the Maximum Entries then you can customise each type of data pulled into the chart

In line with the capability for Value Charts to be able to customise up to 5 colours, 5 data series can customised for a Scatter Line, Scatter Spline, Scatter Dot, Scatter Bar, and Scatter Area chart

The example here shows that when 5 is set as the Maximum, each data series can be customised.

Scatter Bar and Scatter Area Charts can also have Border and Saturation parameters set

Consider how Saturation and Border Width need to be adjusted to fit the data you want to chart.

Bar charts can also have Shadow (Show/Hide Tick) and Label (Show/Hide Tick) being set for each data field.

Once Each field in the form is customised according to your needs, ALWAYS, go to the main site and enter in test data to confirm you have set the charts up correctly.

If a PDF is generated which includes customised charts, the custom colours will pull through into the PDF

N.B. Each field in any existing In Form Charts will have the Default customisation setting applied. This means, settings from the Chart Template that are applied to the application, or to the Event Form will be used instead. If neither of these are set, then the system will choose some default colours.

N.B. These are the same defaults as the step above, just with different Types selected for charting

Known Issues/Limitations: If you reset the maximum number of items for Scatter and Value fields, the Time Series all revert to Default, and any custom settings have to be rebuilt

If there needs to be an alternate Maximum number of Entries (higher or lower), then the customised settings are not retained

Event Form Chart Templates cannot be applied to Profile Forms. However, In Form Charts can still be customised individually, and/or the main application Chart Template will be applied to any In Form Charts if there is an application template.

A Chart Template applied to an Event Form is not retained in a PDF of the Profile Form

The profile page displays in the selected colours (as in the image above)

Heart Rate Charts will only display with the main application settings, they are not individually customisable


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