Setting the Date Format for the entire Site

The format for the entire site can be set as either dd-MM-yyyy or MM-dd-yyyy

For many US customers, it is difficult to interpret Aus/NZ/UK times that are in the default date format on the site, especially for the likes of the 04-04-2017.

Now a MM-dd-yyyy format can be set on the Application Settings

The Preferred Date Format can be set as MM-dd-yyyy. Update the Application and any dates will appear in the Preferred Date Format (except for dates are already set with an Advanced Date field setting, the advanced settings will be retained).

The Dates on the system will then appear in the MM-dd-yyyy format

The "Enter new Data" On Date, and any date formats in the new entry appear in the specified format

Note that date fields, table date fields, date calculations, linked date fields and linked date profile fields will appear in the new preferred date format (unless they have a preset advanced field date format setting-discussed in the section below)

WARNING: ALL fields with a preset date format in their advanced field property settings will NOT display in the site wide setting (e.g., the Preferred Date Format), they will retain their Advanced Field setting.

The fields with an arrow (above) all have an Advanced Field Properties Date Format set. Thus, the fields will not display in the site wide setting, they will continue to retain the exact format set for them on an individual field basis. N.B. to remove any individual date field settings, the date Format in the Advanced Field Properties need to be set to blank for each field.  

For example, in the image show here, all of the fields with a date setting shown in the field name will NOT display in the preferred site date format, they will retain their advanced field properties date format.

The Athlete History will show all existing entries in the specified format

A PDF generated will show the preset dates and preferred date formats

The example here shows the date formats are retained for an Event Form PDF.

The Reports Page will show all existing dates in the specified format

The Date Range Filter appears in the specified format

Any Date Field in the form can be used as a filter and the filter will display in the specified format

Recent Entries Page

In Form Reports

Performance Alerts

Calendar and My Schedule

Enter Appointments and Schedules

The Sidebar and any dates on the sidebar

Athlete DOB on the system

My Resource Dates

Import Data-It is CRUCIAL that you still MAP and test ALL date field formats for correct mapping during importing.

This is a very complex example, but you can see above that for EACH date field in the form, the Format MUST be checked and tested. Always check the imported data in the reports page to confirm you mapped the date formats across correctly.

WARNING: The Excel export to csv will still display as dd-MM-yyyy and will need to be manually selected

A CSV export may retain the preferred date format settings for other date fields in the form

On the Admin Tool, the DOB appears in the specified format


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