Limit Front Page Report to 250 rows

Previously, Front Page reports were set not to paginate, which meant all records appeared for any report that was set up. However, a user had set up a front page report to pull out 10,000 records, so when they logged in the system had to display all 10,000 entries on the front page in a single page! 

While this report was set up in error, it highlights the need to place restrictions on the amount of data that appears. Now, ONLY 250 rows (this is a pure row count, not event count) will appear.

The Front Page Reports loading sequence has also been enhanced

The Front Page Reports used to load all reports in the background (when one or more reports was set to show) and it hid the data, and then if a report was set to show it would instantly appear without any load time. This meant all reports were still being queried, even if they weren't being shown. To reduce load, each report ONLY loads when it is seleted to show. This change will improve performance on the system.  Do note that if a report is set to show when the reports/home page is loaded then it will still load the data automatically.


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