Smartsaves "Trigger at End of Day" is working as expected.

Smartsaves now have the ability to be set to be triggered at the end of the current day.

The following outlines a common workflow that clients need, which is currently not able to be performed, that pertains to the time the Smartsaves are firing relative to when the data needs to be entered/updated. For example, a client has a Weekly Summary Form that contains only linked values from various different forms in Smartabase. Typically, it would need to be in the system at the latest possible time of day (e.g., at 11:30 pm) on a specific day (e.g., Sunday) as it commonly needs to include all of the data from the last week (e.g. last custom week, or last 7 days). However, currently the Smartsaves fire in the AM of the day of entry (commonly 2-4am local client time), and while the event is entered on Smartabase for 11:30 pm on Sunday, because it is triggered at the start of the day (on Sunday), no new data entered on the Sunday can pull into the form (unless the entry is manually updated or resaved).

To combat this we have developed the ability for the entry to be entered at the end of the current day (e.g. in the am of the following day). To be clear, if the Smartsave was set to fire on a Sunday night at 11:30 pm, the user could select a new setting to "trigger at the end of the day", which enables it to trigger after the end of the Sunday (so during the time the smartsave normally runs on the Monday between 2-4am local time), BUT the entry is "back" entered for the Sunday night at 11:30 pm which means, ALL of the data leading up to that week, including the Sunday data will be included.

Thus, using the "End of the current day" means the Smartsave entry still appears on the system for the exact date and time required (e.g., the Sunday at 11:30 pm), but as smartsaves need to run at minimal server usage time the smartsave is triggered to generate on the system on the Monday, but it is back dated so that all of the information on the system can be included in the entry.

An example of an existing Smartsave

The time the Smartsave triggers can now be set to occur on the following day and be back dated

By default, the Trigger Time will be set to "Trigger at End of Day", which means it triggers early on the subsequent day and it is back dated.

If it is unticked, it will continue to "Trigger on the current day," which means that it will trigger in the AM of the specified day.

WARNING: The new default WILL be set so that the event is Triggered on the following day, and all of the existing Smartsaves developed on Smartabase will be run on the following day and will be backdated. If it needs to be reset to still run on the current day (e.g., in the AM), this needs to be done as soon as a new release goes out. 

Additionally, for the Smartsaves set using a Date Type Period for a Month, the same "Trigger at End of Day" workflow can be applied.

In the example above, the Smartsave is set to run on the First Day of the Month. This means that if the "Trigger at End of Day" is ticked, the Smartsave would run on the second day of the month (in the early AM during the smartsave time) and it would backdate to the 1st. Hence any data entered on the 1st of the month would pull into the entry that goes into the system for 3:45 pm.

If you have any questions about how this functionality works, please double check with your Smartabase Builder

The Smartsaves place a lot of load on the server. Rather than setting up a Smartsave incorrectly, please check with your Smartabase builder to confirm how to set up the Trigger time correctly.


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