Download an Event Form or Profile Form to import into an alternate Application

You can now download the structure of an Event Form or Profile Form to be copied from one Application to another (even on another server). This is for Fusion Staff ONLY.

Note: If the form you are exporting/importing has linked fields you will need to complete the process below for the linked forms as well

On the Builder site navigate to the Event Forms and click on Download Event Form

Save the file to the location you need

The file will be saved to your computer using the naming convention: Form Name 0000000000000.txt (Note, the zeros are a series of numbers.)

Take note of where you have saved this file, in most cases the default location will be your Downloads folder.

To import the form to another Application click on create New Event Form

Create a new Event Form on the Event Form Page. Then select "Import form from another application". Browse and then upload the .txt file.

As soon as the upload finishes, the form will open

Save it FIRST and then come back and edit it once saved.

Save the Event Form, to ensure it is saved in the Event Form List and can be used/edited as per any other Event Forms on the application.

Profile Pages can also be downloaded and imported across applications

On an alternate site click on create New Profile Form

Click on Import form from another application

Browse for the .txt file and upload it

Once uploaded, the Profile Form will open in the Profile Page Editor

Save it so that it appears in the Profile Form List

The Profile Form will appear in the Profile Form List

The imported Profile Page and/or Event Form Page are then available to use in the alternate Application as per other forms.


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