Upload an Account/Profile Image on Mobile

Saved Picture or a new Camera picture can be uploaded as a Profile/Account Image on Mobile

The Account button is now enabled on iOS

A Coach can edit their own image using the "Account" module

An Athlete can edit their own image using the "Account" or via the "Player Profile" modules

A Coach needs to select the Account Button

An Athlete can select the Account or the Player Profile button

Athletes may have access to an Account or to the Player Profile Account editing capabilities,

On the Profile Page- select "Account"

Select Edit Personal Details

Once in the Account Page, scroll to Picture and click "Choose File"

You can select where you want to source the Picture from

Depending on what you selected you will be asked to allow Smartabase to connect with your Camera, Device (for Photo Library), iCloud etc.  

Click Allow for any folllowing prompts.

If you DO NOT allow, then you cannot use the specified functionality.  

The example here shows that "Take Picture" was selected

Use the picture, or retake another on the camera

The example shows that the picture that was taken will be used.

The icon of the image will appear. Click "Upload" to upload the image to the Picture file

You MUST click Upload or the image cannot be uploaded to the account.

Wait while the picture uploads

Upload Failed: If the upload failed message appears this may be because of a connection error. Please wait and click Upload again.

Once uploaded the Picture will appear in the Account.

Save the Account Changes. To do this you MUST retype your password.

Because you are making changes to your account, which can include Password changes and the like, we need to ensure that user who is making the change is the user who logged in (not someone who may have picked up the phone during the logged in period).

This means, to save any account changes, the user MUST confirm their password (as shown below).

A Green "Updated Account Details" message will confirm that the image has been saved and the account has been updated

Warning: You can replace the image, but you cannot delete it on mobile.

This functionality is ONLY available Online


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