Passwords can now be changed on Mobile

If you have access to your account you can now change your password on mobile

The Account button is now available on iOS and Password Editing has been enabled.

A Coach can edit their own password using the "Account" module.

An Athlete can edit their own password using the "Account" or via the "Player Profile" modules

A Coach needs to select the Account Button

An Athlete can select the Account or the Player Profile button

Athletes with access to the Account or to the Player Profile modules can use this to edit their password.

For the Player Profile Module - select "Account" and then "Edit personal details"

Select "Edit personal Details"

Once in the Account Page, scroll to the Password

Enter in your new Password

You can type the new password directly into the Password text box and the Confirm text box.

Reset the Password according to the specifications on the main Smartabase application: minimum of 8 characters, and at least one upper and lower case letter and number. If the Password is NOT set according to the required specifications, a corresponding error message will appear (as shown below).

Once you have a password that meets the minimum requirements, you MUST save the Account changes (Click Save, as shown below).

Because you are making changes to your account, we need to ensure that the user who is making the change is the user who logged in (i.e., not someone who may have picked up the phone during the logged in period).

This means, to save any account change/s, the user MUST confirm their password (as shown below). Retype the password you logged in with (or if you have already updated it during the current logged in session and confirmed it (e.g., if you changed it after you first logged in, and you change it again without logging out) use this password instead. 

A Green "Updated Account Details" message will confirm that the password has been saved and the account has been updated.

You should then LOGOUT and update the password which is stored for offline use

Login using the new Password (if you have PIN login, do not use this, sign in with the password login instead)

Type in the previous Password (e.g., the one prior to your recent change) this unlocks the Smartabase database stored on your device and enables it to be re-locked with the new Password)

You will be logged in automatically and the Smartabase database stored on your device will then have the newly updated password for the next time you login online or offline.

Note that the password WILL also be used now to access the main and installed application. 

N.B. The ability to change your password is ONLY available online.


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